Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Nights at Busch Gardens Tampa

Friday, August 9th was my fiance's brother's birthday. He wanted to go to Busch Gardens Tampa for the day so that's what we did! Now, Anana has been before (pics here) and we had a few hours of thunderstorms in which my camera and Anana were hiding in my waterproof bag, so there's not really a lot of shots I got during the day.

I did however get to stay for their Summer Nights event which runs nightly for a few months June-August. They have this show called "Kinetix" which is kinda like Cirque du Soliel but with modern music with acrobats, contortionist, etc. They finish it off with fireworks. It was actually really good and we enjoyed it.

We grabbed seats like 20 minutes early so we needed to entertain ourselves.

Trying a different glow bracelet configuration.

Show's about to begin!

Hard to see Anana once the stage lights came on.

So here he's sporting the glow stick headband again. LOL

She was AMAZING. So strong and so flexible it was crazy.

She actually shot a bow with her feet and hit the target!
They ended the show and basically said "turn around!" and BAM fireworks!

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  1. Hahaha I love the glowstick headband/bracelet!!! So cute.

    I'm really hoping to get Clyde to BG Williamsburg next weekend (it's my last weekend with time off work before he goes home, other than Labor Day weekend, when we'll be having my birthday party!) so let's cross our fingers for good weather!