Thursday, August 8, 2013

Going to the Movies

Thursday, August 8th was my Mom's birthday so she and I went out to see a movie just so she wasn't going to be stuck sitting around her house all day. We saw The Heat which was silly but funny. I didn't want to bring my VERY conspicuous DSLR with me so I just brought my little point-and-shoot.

But I was quickly reminded how HARD it is to take a good shot in very low light without all the awesome manual controls and such of a more advanced camera! LOL

As a result, the pics aren't great but darn it, I tried!

I had to brighten this up SO much just so you could see what it was supposed to be. Man I am spoiled by my DSLR!

The lighted stairs of the stadium seating.

This was a "medium" drink. Cost $5.50 and was larger then he was! LOL

Seat was a little bit big but he made it work.

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