Monday, August 5, 2013

Museum of Fine Arts

Sunday, we went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Downtown St. Petersburg. They are renovating the galleries so most of it turned out to be closed (boo) BUT they had cheap admission as a result, AND gave us free tix to come back once it's re-opened. Anana didn't get to see everything they normally have but we did view what was open.

They had two open exhibits: one was about perception of color and the other was a look at 100 years of the National Parks as told through mostly vintage photos. Plus, they had some of their permanent collection pieces on display as well.

Front of the Museum of Fine Arts

Looking to the right of the shot above. Lovely classical style with rows of Greek columns.

Some of the pieces in the Color exhibit

Colorful cubes

From the permanent collection. Julie as Flora, Roman Goddess of Flowers.
This was one of my favorite pieces. It was stunning.

Monet, Houses of Parliament: Effect of Fog, London
Another amazing piece. You can't appreciate it from this photograph though because in person, it has so much depth and there's so much to it that you don't see at first glance.

Georgia O'Keeffe, Poppy

Statue of Mercury (Sorry, can't find it on their website to link to.)
View from the 2nd floor.

Second floor had the photos of 100 years of National Parks

This one is hard to see but it made me laugh because it's flamingos at Yosemite.
You'd expect them here in Florida but not out there!

One of several STUNNING Ansel Adams images. They're amazing in their clarity and beauty.

Down in the gift shop, they had this cool old cigarette vending machine converted to give miniature works of art in various mediums like small paintings, photos, ceramics and more. (More info @

And just to be silly, they have these niches along the walkway outside the building. You can't see it but they are about 3 feet or so above the ground. Love said to jump up in there and he'd get a shot. :)

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