Monday, August 12, 2013

Scenic Gulf Blvd and Clearwater Beach

On the way back from Madeira Beach, we took the scenic route back along the coast to my sister's house. I took a screenshot of Google Maps to help give you an idea of the route.

We started south at Madeira Beach and drove all along the shoreline, crossing a few bridges and coming back past Clearwater Beach before heading inland.

Some of the many condos and hotels along Gulf Blvd. To the left is the Gulf side. To the right is the intercoastal side.

Crossing Sand Key bridge approaching Clearwater Beach.

Hard to read the sign but it says, VOTED USA TODAY 2013 BEST BEACH and CLEARWATER BEACH.

In the last few years they really did a lot of improvements and freshened the place up. It was kinda old and dingy and outdated before and now it looks really nice.

That's Pier 60 stretching out into the water. There are some little booths and stuff along it in addition to fishing.

Crossing over the intercoastal bridge back to the mainland part of Clearwater.

As we were on the drive, my sister pointed out that Philadelphia Phillies player, Ryan Howard (apparently a first basemen and MVP) is building a home right on Gulf Blvd on the Gulf of beach side of the road. It's on two lots and is costing something like $23 million dollars (give or take depending on what article you read) she pointed it out. It's MASSIVE and it's not even done yet.

I found this article detailing specifics on the 34,000 square foot home. I don't follow baseball so I didn't know the guy but holy cow the place is insane just from the outside driving past.

The arrow is pointing to PART of it. It takes up two lots.

Another shot as we drove past but still this is only PART of how massive it is!

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