Thursday, August 22, 2013

At the Library

I had some books to pick up from the library (I LOVE being able to put in holds online then get a text when they're ready for pickup!) so I figured it only made sense to bring Anana with me to explore it.

The whole branch has been under construction for awhile now and they're doing a HUGE expansion making it like twice as large as it was. (It was kinda little before.)

Fancy entrance!

The building used to end where the arrow is pointing. Everything to the left of that is new.

There's a gazebo across from the entrance. (No clue why but they really are very proud of it!)

When you first walk in, there's this girl throwing a bone Frisbee to a bronze dog.

And here's the bronze dog. LOL

Big sections are blocked off and taped closed. Including the little honor system used book store (where you can drop off unwanted books and buy others for cheap to benefit the library.)
Went for a trip through some of the stacks.

...and we looked up the Florida travel section!

Anana wanted to look at the beach guide book.

Looking back towards the entrance and lobby.

You can see where the old part ended. They also added another big room onto the back so it expanded both left-to-right and front-to-back. It's obviously still a work in progress!

Anana took a ride on a return cart.

And we played with the digital catalog a little too before heading out with our books.

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