Tuesday, August 20, 2013

At the Mall

Yesterday I spent the day with my Mom. We had a few errands to run and that included hitting the mall. I brought Anana with me so he could get some photos. I only brought my little point-and-shoot so excuse the lackluster quality of the shots. Thought my DSLR would be a bit too conspicuous!

I love taking LV's to the mall because the fact there is an indoor ice skating rink in a mall in Clearwater, Florida amuses me highly. :)

They do both ice skating lessons and public skates at the rink.

We were amused by the pineapple pitcher and platter in Macy's!

We stopped for our traditional mall snack of an Auntie Anne's pretzel and lemonade!

They have this train that just drives through the mall from one end to another with kids on it. No track, just a train driving through the middle of the mall. Cracks me up! It makes train noises and everything.

On the 2nd floor we spotted a painted dolphin looking down on the rink. (The sign said it was celebrating the new "restaurant row" they added when they also installed a movie theater.)

And just because it was too absurd not to get a photo of, I found this purse by "Patricia Nash" (?) that actually had one whole side covered in fake astroturf grass. Who does that?? Guess that's why it was on clearance! LOL

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