Monday, August 5, 2013

Banyan Trees

After we were done touring the Museum of Fine Arts, we hit the park which is right next door to check out the banyan trees. I could have sworn we got pics with them before, but I couldn't find any posted, so I'm giving them their own post now.

The building in the background is the Museum of Fine Arts to give you an idea just how close they are located!

There are two separate "trees" in the park and this helps show how large each "colony" is!

You can see both "trees" in this shot, the second behind the first.

Banyan trees grow down not up, so there are always dangling roots growing down from the branches, ready to form a new trunk. They make for interesting "colonies" of trunks all clustered together in strange patterns. Though not native to Florida, they grow here very well due to our subtropical climate.

New roots growing down that will eventually form new "trunks"

You can see these large root bundles are bigger and close to the ground and someday will form new trunks in the ever-expanding banyan colony.

Just another shot for scale. That's a full-grown man  in the white tee in front of the tree.

Anana found a little nook to hang out in.
This is on the other side of the museum (if you're looking at the front of the building, this is to the right.)
This is a Kapok tree, also a tropical non-native tree but another which flourishes here in Florida.
Can you spot Anana? :)

And for a little bit of scale, here's me and Anana in the tree together.

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