Monday, August 12, 2013

John's Pass & Madeira Beach

My Mom's birthday was Thursday 8/8 (we went to the movies) but my sister had to work that day so we planned to get together on Sunday, 8/11 to spend the afternoon together. It was Mom's pick and she said she wanted to hit the beach.

So we went to John's Pass which is a boardwalk and area with lots of shops (mainly targeted towards tourists) and Madeira Beach which is the section of the beach right across the street.

John's Pass Boardwalk

Pirate ship you can ride on that goes for a cruise.

Drawbridge to give access between the inter-coastal waterways and the Gulf.

Shark Week: It's a bad week to be an anthropomorphic pineapple!
A very large foam pelican on display in front of one of the shops.
Pedestrians can walk under the drawbridge to gain access to the beach on the other side of the road.

One of the boardwalks to the beach!

Madeira Beach!

Anana's sand castle fortress.

Sailboat is coming in from the Gulf.

You can see the drawbridge is opening so the sailboat can come through.

The Gulf is calm and warm as always!

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