Friday, May 10, 2013

Busch Gardens Tampa - Part 2

I got up Monday, May 6th and the weather was unseasonably beautiful. It was 72F outside and cool, with low humidity. So I made the executive decision to take advantage of the gorgeous day and grabbed Anana and we headed over to Busch Gardens for a few hours just the two of us. (Love of course, was at work. This is one of the big perks of working for yourself!)

This bronze baby elephant statue was so cute!

...but of course, the real elephants are pretty cool too!
Here's a replica of an elephant skull.
They have this walk-through King Tut tomb in the Egypt part of the park. I didn't even know it was there!

This was set up like the sarcophagus and tomb room and such.
(Sorry the lighting was really weird in there.)

Monday afternoon and the park had very few people in it. We had it practically to ourselves!

This whole area of Timbuktu has games where you can win stuffed animals and such.
More views of how nice and empty the place was!

Tiger topiary. The real ones were totally sleeping under a tree and though I took a pic, you can't see them at all in it. LOL

Here's another one of those cool statues. This one of a lion.

And here's a shot of a real lion I took as well.

I was actually heading out when I saw this dolphin topiary and had to stop and snag a shot. It reminded me of the dolphin statues in VA. This one was actually a little ad for sister park, Sea World, but still. Dolphin!

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  1. So beautiful! It's strange how completely different the two Busch Gardens parks are! I can't wait to make time to go up to ours and show Clyde! Our games are in Germany, the topiary are mostly just shapes, the only animals are an aviary and a gray wolf area, plus a bald eagle preserve.