Sunday, June 30, 2013

Heritage Village 2

Last time we went to Heritage Village we got there late and didn't have time to really see everything. So we finally made our way back to finish up exploring the "living museum."

All the buildings are set in a woods-like park.
There are brick paths and such leading to some of them.

Inside the old one-room school house.

Old metal kitchen sink.

Anana wasn't too keen on using the outhouse.

Made a point to take a pic of the old typewriter's "&" key for you! ;)

State of the art entertainment like a stereoscope and wax cylinder photograph.

At the old post office with old switchboard in background.

In the "garage" with an old phone and testing equipment.

Old oil glass jars in the garage.
Apparently, the nozzles also fit on standard Bell Jars so if you broke your glass oil jar, you could use a Bell jar instead.
I missed the blacksmith demo, but he was nice enough to heat up a piece of metal for me very hot so I could get a photo of sparks! Anana stayed safely away from the open flame.

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