Monday, June 3, 2013

Florida Sunset

We often have really stunning sunsets around here and most times, you don't even pay attention to it because it's such an "ordinary" occurrence. Tonight's though was exceptional and I rushed out to my apartment breezeway to get a few shots.

Turns out, it's very hard to get both the close-up foreground AND the far away sunset in focus and with the depth of clarity and color I was trying to capture. It's not an aperture friendly situation.
The sky loses definition with the close-up on Anana but you can still see the colors of sunset.
So I had to do a smidge of cheating, combining the lighter version of Anana from one shot into the background accurate version of another. It's not a great bit of Photoshopping, but then I'm really not a post-edit kinda photographer!

Look at that sunset!

And here for viewing pleasure is just one "regular" shot I took of the sky itself without Anana in it.

Super pretty!
Of course, sunsets are here and gone almost immediately, but I was still pleasantly surprised to catch this one tonight, even if I did have to "cheat" a little so you could see him in the photo! ;)

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