Saturday, June 22, 2013

Etsy Craft Party

Each year Etsy has a Craft Party Night that celebrates their birthday. Groups all around the country have Party Nights on the same day and consist of things like crafty demos, etsy vendors and such. The one around here was at the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club and I was a vendor.

(I actually took this a few days before the event because I wanted to check out the location. It's why it's empty here!)
My booth!
View from behind the scenes at my booth looking out.
Another shot as I sit behind the booth.

One of the food trucks and some of the vendors in the grassy field.
Crafty demos and such on the wooden platform next to the courts.
Some of the shuffleboard courts the night of the event.

 If I'm honest, the entire thing was a bit of a fiasco. At the last minute, the building we were SUPPOSED to be in was changed to one without A/C. This is Florida. In June. It was 96F outside Thursday not factoring in the humidity and heat index. The building I was in had one door tied shut and all but 4 windows nailed shut. So NO breeze, no ventilation or anything.

You know how you get in your car when it's been sitting in a parking lot for hours in the summer sun and you are sweltering in the oppressive heat because it's just all trapped in there? Yeah, it was like that. I drank 2, 1-litre bottles of water and sweat so much I was drenched. One of the organizers actually fainted from heat exhaustion and had to be attended to by paramedics.

We had a surprisingly good turnout and lots of compliments and people taking my card but only three small sales. In the end, I was out more in costs then I made. *boo* Plus, I was miserably hot from 3pm - 9:30pm when I left. So was my fiance.

Neat location but there's just NO WAY I will ever do a non-a/c event like that again in summer!

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