Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea

Well, today Anana is experiencing the "fun" of Hurricane season in Florida! Tropical Storm Andrea, the first named storm of the 2013 Hurricane Season is in full force and is drenching the area in heavy winds and rain. There was a tornado warning this morning and the entire area is under a host of advisories and safety alerts due to the weather.

I added the red arrow to point out where I am and where the storm is. It's pretty close by and as you can see, my area is under Tropical Storm warnings.

It's raining too hard and the wind is blowing sideways to try and get any real shots (don't want to ruin my camera!) so I just took this quick one on my balcony.

Just a little bit of rain! LOL

We'll be fine though. We're staying inside where it's nice and dry!

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