Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunken Gardens

Sunken Gardens is a botanical garden in downtown St. Petersburg. Founded about a hundred years ago by a plumber with a passion for gardening, the gardens expanded and were purchased by the City of St. Pete a number of years back to preserve them as a historical landmark. It's set about 10 feet lower than the street, hence the name "Sunken Gardens."

One of many fountains and koi ponds in the Gardens

A fun, touristy sign inside the Gardens.

A "Rainbow Eucalyptus" tree. The trunk is so colorful it looks fake! (But it's not!)

The growing stone. Legend says if you sit on it, you will have luck in gardening.

Typical Florida, it started to pour out of nowhere so we took shelter in a fake cave overhang. To entertain himself, Anana sat on my fiance's head.

Can't tell from the lighting, but it's raining as we peer out into the Gardens.

The rain cut our visit short, but I'm sure we can try again another day!

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