Friday, May 3, 2013

Heritage Village

Heritage Village is a neat park in Largo, Florida owned by Pinellas County. It's a "living history museum" where they have brought in historic buildings from all around the county and put them together into a "village" that you can tour. All the buildings have antique, period-piece furniture, accessories, etc. inside and they even have people dressed up in period clothing there who tell you about the history of the buildings and the items.

The Map of the entire Park which has both Heritage Village and the Florida Botanical Gardens
We wound up getting there a little late and there were so many cool things to take photos of that I didn't even get to see all the buildings! But I think we'll make another trip down there before Anana leaves so we can see the rest.
Railroad station and box car
Inside the railroad station. 
Antique luggage inside the train station.

Cool old typewriter on the desk in the train station.

Old stove in the train station.

The general store. Inside is a barber shop and a garage. And it's FULL of actual period items.

There are shelves of merchandise on display.

Old time cash register

There is an old carriage house complete with several old wagons and carts.

Here is one tiny corner of the massive blacksmith shop.

All the buildings have these information graphics talking about what they are, where they were originally in the county, when they were build and when they were moved into the Heritage Village museum property.
You may have noticed I mentioned there is a Botanical Garden on the property too...and it actually closes later then Heritage Village so we went there for a little bit too. But, I'll save those pics for another entry! :)


  1. How fun!!! I love the blacksmith photo (too funny)... I would be terribly tempted to push all the buttons on the cash register and the typewriter. They look like they would make an amazing "ka-shoonk" sound...

    1. LOL I didn't even think of pushing the buttons. I was too busy taking photos. But they actually have two different registers and the other one they actually use because you can buy a Coke in a glass bottle for $1 so they ring people up on it!