Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sharp Pointy Objects

Anana liked the photo of Clyde with a practice katana and and was excited to see the swords collection of his host.

Showing off our Katana and wakizashi swords

And, here are the rest! (Katana, wakizashi, dagger, broadsword, rapier, hand-and-a-half and a lady's dagger)

There was no running with the sharp, pointy objects and Anana was supervised by an adult at all times during the photos, but he definitely enjoyed all the lovely steel!

They're all hand forged and able to be used in stage combat (as opposed to the lightweight "display only" pieces you usually see in souvenir shops. These are handmade by either Starfire Swords or Baltimore Knife and Sword Company. Most belonged to our best friend who passed away a few years ago and we inherited them. In fact, there were quite a few more but we gave several of his other close friends a sword to remember him by. We also have a pike and a solid steel hammer not shown in this shot!

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