Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Downtown St. Pete Art Show

Saturday April 20th and Sunday April 21st 2013 was the MainSail Art Festival in Downtown St. Petersburg. It's a really high-quality festival and very large right on the water. Anana came with us on Sunday for a few hours to check out the great art and enjoy the day out!

We arrived in Downtown St. Pete which is right on the water (most things are around here though!) with a large boat/yacht presence and headed to the park.

The park is right on the water and has a large area with some trees as well.

Here you can see the edge of the park is the water. Behind the people you can also see the St. Pete Pier.

A better shot of the Pier which juts out into the water.
(It doesn't look like far but to walk to it was a several mile trek all the way around then back out so we didn't head that way this time. We'll probably head back though again so he can see the view from the top.)

There are rows and rows of booths and it's set among the oak trees as you can see.

Metal school of fish!

This was a very comfy rocking chair.

...and no festival is complete without some Kettle Korn! ;)
Even though it wasn't very sunny out, it was a lovely day. And the clouds kept the temperature down a bit too. We managed to avoid buying any art this year mainly because we still have art from last year we haven't gotten framed or hung yet! LOL


  1. This looks like so much fun! I particularly love the fish sculpture, because those are lookdowns! They used to make up the logo for the Virginia Aquarium (back when it was the Virginia Marine Science Museum) and they're still one of my favorite parts of the Aquarium. They're so shiny...

    1. Oh how neat! I didn't know they were any particular kind of fish but I liked how they look so I snagged a shot. Glad I did! :)