Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Florida Aquarium

We finally made it over to The Florida Aquarium on Sunday, September 8th. Located in Downtown Tampa's "Channelside" district, it's down by the ports. (Both commercial and cruise ship.)

Normally, you can always see a cruise ship docked but there wasn't any there today. I went all up and down the port but no such luck. (Boo) So here's a screenshot of Google Street View to show you what it normally looks like! LOL

Now, onto the Aquarium!

I laughed so hard at this sign.

The penguins were being anti-social and way up on the rocks so I wasn't able to get any better shots of them. Darnit!

The largest, creepiest lobsters ever.

Holy crap this fish was MASSIVE. I seriously don't think you can get the scale of how big it was.
It had to have been like 250lbs it was so gigantic!!

This was the largest ray I've ever seen. Little kids were posing in front of it and it was bigger than they were!

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